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Pay Lay
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Ki Koko Farms-Pay Lay is located in northwest Kansas City, KS, near I-635 and Leavenworth Rd. Our farm is on about 2.5 acres of land tucked behind several houses. We each care for our own separate plots, so we also sell separately at markets.

My name is Pay Lay and I am one of the Karen People of Burma. My family farmed in the mountains and jungles. We grew vegetables; and we also had orchards in the jungle, where we grew mango, bananas, nuts, and other fruits. We practiced rotation agriculture, where we would clear a section of the forest, plant crops for a year or several years, then move on to another area of the forest. We grew primarily for ourselves; and took extra produce into town and sold it door to door.

My family works our farm in Kansas City, KS together, creating a beautiful patchwork quilt of vegetables and flowers. We cultivate several crops in Kansas City that we used to grow in Burma.

Local, fresh produce—grown using organic methods and traditional agricultural techniques from our home country.

We believe in food that is fresh, produced without any harmful chemicals, and planted and grown with all of our heart. We are both mothers and grandmothers, and we know that safe and healthy food is the best way to take care of our families. Farming is also good for us— we love the exercise, being outside, and growing our favorite vegetables.