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Beh Paw Gaw
Contact: Beh Paw Gaw
City: Kansas City, KS,
About Us
Beh Paw is originally from Burma and belongs to the minority group known as “Karen”, which has its own distinct language and culture. She lived in a refugee camp in Thailand before being resettled in the United States in 2007 with her family. Beh Paw began gardening with New Roots for Refugees and finished in just three years- she grew up farming before moving to the United States. She bought a 2.5 acre piece of land in Kansas City, KS with her sister, Pay Lay. Together, they named their business Ki Koko Farms, which means “two sisters” in their native language, Karen. Beh Paw grows both traditional Burmese and American vegetables, the former for her family to consume and the latter to sell at markets.

Local, fresh produce—grown using organic methods and traditional agricultural techniques from our home country.

We believe in food that is fresh, produced without any harmful chemicals, and planted and grown with all of our heart. We are both mothers and grandmothers, and we know that safe and healthy food is the best way to take care of our families. Farming is also good for us— we love the exercise, being outside, and growing our favorite vegetables.