T-House Farms, LLC
Contact: Matt & Michelle Tedman
Address: 3307 Dewberry Road Morrill, KS, 66515
Phone: 785-285-0499
About Us
T-House farms is a small family farm owned and operated by Matt & Michelle Tedman. We are located in rural Morrill, Kansas and raise grass finished lamb, pastured poultry, and raw honey. Our vision and passion is to raise the highest quality meat possible while regenerating the land for future generations. We direct market our lambs by wholes/halves and by cuts to restaurants and retail grocers.
We use regenerative practices to steward our land. Our lambs are grass finished with daily moves to fresh high quality grass/legume mix pastures. We do not certify USDA organic, animal welfare, or american grass fed. However, we do align with these holistic practices. We do not use any synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or growth hormones. We administer antibiotics only when medically necessary. Over the past four years we have only given two single doses of antibiotics. All labels and guidelines are strictly followed.